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About Perks N Brews


Perks N Brews is the café which rapidly gained popularity purely because of the excellent service, great ambience and variety of food items and most importantly, consistent quality.
This joint offers a milieu that is loved by the patrons with an age variation from 18 to 80. The rare environment where one can enjoy a quite read as well as a laughter session with the amigos.
Local musicians jam here and to encourage the same, Perks n Brews has tied up with organizations and individuals who can conduct music learning sessions. The program is named Rhythmistics.
Other artistic activities viz. Painting, Stand up acts and more, are encouraged and appreciated.

The place has free Wi-Fi facility for all the “I-live-my-life-online” types. You can enjoy some of the classic indoor board games if you wish to reminisce the carefree childhood or just to kill some time.
If being a book worm is your sin, but you forgot your favorite read, The range of excellent options is here to save you from boredom, you wish to borrow it, just keep another one in its place and no one would notice (not kidding)
All that apart, The food, to quote some of the patrons is viably – “amazing!!”, “Yum” and even “orgasmic”. That might be because the chef sticks strictly to classic recipes.
My recommendation, go check it out now, too lazy? You can place an order for home delivery at +91 020-65703888, or just call for franchisee enquiry.



A Studio Where You Can Enjoy Live Music,Karaoke,Singing & More...!!!


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